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James T. Pendergrast was responsible for the editorial drawings on the Letters page of Rolling Stone Magazine for twenty years. He has also had work published in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Smart Money, and Philadelphia Magazine, among others. He is a regular in Tennis Magazine, and on the Rolling Stone web site.


James was born in Douglas, Arizona, a western town consisting of basically a cow pie and a gas station, and grew up in Arizona and Southern California. He graduated From California State University in Fullerton. A longtime resident of New York, he has published three books, "The Pleasures of Life After 40," with Rex Curtis, "Object Lessons," and has a book recently in print: "My Foolish Heart." German Esquire Magazine referred to him as "der Einstein unter den Cartoonisten." James hopes that this will not encourage people to remove his brain and put it in a jar for study upon his death.


His fine art work has been exhibited in galleries in the US and abroad. Examples will be posted on this site, depending on interest.