The original drawings are generally done on Strathmore Bristol paper approximately 9 inches by 11 inches. The actual image is smaller. The medium is ink line, watercolor wash, finished with blendable colored pencils. There may be marks in the margins made by the production department, or me.

The price of the humorous drawings is $350. Prices are subject to change without notice. Postage and handling $15, US Postal Service. More luxurious modes of transportation are available (Fedex, etc.) For a fee, of course. Fine art pieces are priced differently. Prices available upon request.

For the time being, it will work this way: You can email me if you are interested in a particular drawing. I will check for availability and email you back. You can use Pay Pal, which is the fastest method. When I receive confirmation of the payment, I will send the drawing. If you prefer check or money order, it must clear the bank before I send the drawing. If you send a money order, I will send the drawing upon receipt.

You will be buying the actual drawing only. I retain the exclusive publishing rights, and the freedom to recreate the drawing for republication if necessary . Don't worry, I'm not going to make a zillion of 'em and devalue your investment. Besides, if there were demand for a zillion of them, your investment would be doing just fine.

About using these online images: I'm not watermarking these online images because I think it spoils the way they look. If you want to download one or more for your own individual use, your personal web site, whatever, that's perfectly okay with me, so long as you credit me with having done the drawing. However, if you use one of these images to make money, or claim you made it yourself, or alter it in a way so that it says something I didn't intend to say, that is not okay. You don't have permission to do that. Legal consequences may result.


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